At Interact Speech and Language Therapy Services we believe that communicating should be an enjoyable experience for all,  however for those children and young adults with speech and language delay or disorder, communicating with others can be overwhelming, frustrating and scary. Therapy for your child, with our skilled and experienced therapists, is fun and focused, and will motivate your child to become a successful and confident communicator.

…Interact  …Motivate  …Communicate!

Claire Alderson and Claire Bennett trained together and have worked together for a number of years. Both now have young children and have seen first hand the wonder that is the development of early communication skills, from that first smile to first words and beyond. Our practice is founded on sound therapeutic technique and is dedicated to helping your child communicate to the very best of their ability.

Interact Speech and Language Therapy Services work with preschoolers, school age children and young adults Auckland wide. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your child with their speech, language and/or communication needs.