Speech and Language Assessment and Therapy

We work with preschoolers, school age children and young adults who have:

  • Speech delay and/or disorders;  For example, children whose speech is difficult for their family or others to understand. They may have difficulty saying specific speech sounds (e.g. ‘s’). This includes children with speech difficulties associated with Cleft lip and/ or palate or childhood apraxia of speech
  • Language delay and/or disorder;  For example, children who are not talking as much as expected for this age or who have difficulty understanding what others say. They may have difficulty learning new words or difficulty using words and grammar correctly within a sentence.
  • Autistic spectrum disorders; including Aspergers Syndrome and non specified difficulties with social interaction
  • Congenital  disorders; including Down syndrome and movement disorders such as cerebral palsy or dyspraxia.
  • Augmentative and alternative communication needs; including children who use low tech programmes such as Picture Exchange Communication System and high tech equipment such as iPads, Dynavox devices, Prentke Romich (Minspeak) devices.

Speech and Language Therapy always begins with assessment. This allows us to determine first and foremost, if therapy is required.  Depending on the age and ability of your child assessment may be formal through the use of standardized tests, or informal assessment through play and observation. We will discuss your child’s strengths and needs with you and together identify the goals for therapy (if required) using information gathered during the assessment. With parental consent, our therapists will liaise with relevant professionals who may also be working with your child. We will attend Individual Educational Planning meetings (IEP’s) and other multidisciplinary meetings when requested.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist your child.


Training and workshops

Our therapists are skilled presenters and run seminars and information sessions for groups of parents and other professionals (e.g. teachers, GP’s, Plunket nurses) on topics such as;

  • Early communication development for normally developing children,
  • Communication development for children with specific needs
  • Creating and using visual supports (such as photos and symbols) in the classroom and at home
  • Using everyday play to develop your child’s communication skills

We also offer Hanen workshops to groups of parents including;

We are very willing to develop a training programme to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your group training requirements.


Supervision and Mentoring

Our therapists are available to provide external supervision or mentoring to Speech and Language Therapists, teachers, Special Needs Co-ordinators and other professionals working with children with communication needs

Please contact us to discuss your supervision/mentoring needs.